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Welcome to IF Åland (Aaland islands) orienteering

Welcome to IF Åland orienteering - the club which the Åland orienteerers are representing outside the Åland region

For the moment there is about 100 orienteerers at Åland and about 30 of these are under the age of 20. Almost all training- and competition activities at Åland are coordinated threw ÅID-orienteering (ÅID, Ålands Idrotts Distrikt - The Åland sport district). The district is then divided in about 10 local clubs all around Åland. There is about 20 competitions yearly at Åland with about 50-100 participants competing.

Technique trainings are arranged weekly during April-September. It is emphasizing on quality, both for young and old. More information about the location and time you will find in the local newspapers as well as here on our homepage.

If you are interested to participate in any of our competitions, you will need to register a week in advance. Be prepared to be in time if you arrive with a large group so the organizers have time to prepare themselves. More info about our schedule (In Swedish).

Interested to train or compete at Åland?
Contact Lars Janlöv (home +358-(0)18-21359.
He will give you more information about facilities, maps etc. Please register early, especially if you intend to come in large groups since the organizers not always may be prepared for larger groups.

Remember that we are guests in the nature. Show respect for landowners, hunters, animals. The hunting season starts at September 1st which generally means a pause for training and competition.

For more detailed information, please look at our Swedish text homepage.
ÅID administrates the training - and competitions at Åland within orienteering, Athletics, swimming, skiing, downhill skiing and cycling.

Contact Robin Engman phone +358-(0)18-19 170.
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